§ 158.00  PREAMBLE.
   The sedimentation of streams, lakes and other waters of this state constitute a major pollution problem.  Sedimentation occurs from the erosion or depositing of soil and other materials into the waters, principally from construction sites and road maintenance.  The continued development of this City will result in an intensification of pollution through sedimentation unless timely and appropriate action is taken.  Control of erosion and sedimentation is deemed vital to the public interest and necessary to the public health and welfare, and expenditures of funds for erosion and sedimentation control programs shall be deemed for a public purpose.  It is the purpose of this Article to provide for the creation, administration, and enforcement of a program and for the adoption of minimal mandatory standards which will permit development of this City to continue with the least detrimental effects from pollution by sedimentation.
(Ord. O-2002-18, passed 4-2-02)