As used in this subchapter, the terms floodplain and floodway refer in the first instance to certain areas whose boundaries are determined and can be located on the ground by reference to the specific fluvial characteristics set forth the definition of these terms. These terms also refer to overlay zoning districts  whose boundaries are established on the map, which boundaries are intended to correspond to the actual physical location of floodways and floodplains. These overlay districts thus differ from other zoning districts whose boundaries are established solely according to planning or policy, rather than physical criteria. Therefore, the administrator is authorized to make necessary interpretations as to the exact location of the boundaries of the floodways or floodplains if there appears to be a conflict between a mapped boundary and actual field conditions. Such interpretations, like other decisions of the administrator, may be appealed to the Board of Adjustment in accordance with the applicable provisions of this chapter. The Flood Insurance Rate Map numbers of properties within the corporate limits and extra territorial jurisdiction of the City of Monroe are as follows: 37179CIND0C, 3710541500J, 3710541600J, 3710541700J, 3710542200J, 3710542400J, 3710542500J, 3710542600J, 3710542700J, 3710542800J, 3710543400J, 3710543500J, 3710543600J, 3710543700J, 3710544200J, 3710544400J, 3710544500J, 3710544600J, 3710545400J, 3710545500J, 3710545600J, 3710545700J, 3710546400J.
(Ord. O-2003-63, passed 12-16-03; Am. Ord. O-2008-32, passed 9-16-08)