All duplex and multi-family developments, regardless of the number of units, shall conform to the following design standards.
   (A)   Permitted uses.  As listed in § 156.110; Prohibited uses. All uses not permitted herein and trailers, except as used for temporary offices for construction purposes.
   (B)   Height regulations.  No building shall exceed forty-five (45) feet in height.
   (C)   Area regulations.
      (1)   Yard:
         (a)   Front yard.  Front building lines shall conform to the average building lines in a developed block but in no case shall, it be less than ten (10) feet. When there is undeveloped land for a distance of one hundred fifty (150) feet on both sides of a proposed building, the minimum building set back line shall be as detailed in § 156.140. On through lots this minimum depth shall be provided on both streets.
         (b)   Side yard.  There shall be two (2) side yards; one on each side of the building having a minimum width of five (5) feet each. However, this regulation shall not be so interpreted as to reduce the buildable width of any lot existing before the adoption of this ordinance: to less than twenty-four (24) feet. On corner lots the necessary reaction shall be on the side yard not abutting the street.
         (c)   Rear yard.  There shall be a rear yard having a depth of not less than twenty (20) percent of the depth of the lot; provided, however, that the depth of the required rear yard shall not be less than twenty (20) feet and need not exceed fifty (50) feet.
         (d)   Roadway entrance and exits shall be located for clear sight distance and safety not closer than forty (40) feet to a street intersection.
      (2)   Lot size.
         (a)   There shall be a lot width of a minimum of seventy (70) feet at the building line.
         (b)   The minimum lot size for a multi-family development shall be 40,000 square feet unless otherwise amended by City Council.
   (D)   Off-street parking.
      (1)   The number or parking spaces required for all duplex and multi-family developments shall be provided at a rate of a minimum of one space per bedroom plus an additional 1/2 space for each unit for visitor parking.
      (2)   The use of bicycle racks is encouraged. When placed in a parking lot, the bicycle racks shall be provided at a ratio of two bicycle racks for each twenty (20) parking spaces. Bicycle racks shall be located near building entries.
   (E)   Open space.  Unobstructed, pervious open spaces shall account for a minimum of fifty percent of the total land area of the site (Note: Watershed regulations by require more pervious coverage. Please refer to § 156.178 for more information.) For the purposes of this section, unobstructed open space shall be defined as an area which permits free access but which may include wooded areas free of dense undergrowth, playgrounds and other active recreation space.
   (F)   Recreation areas.  Private active recreation space shall be provided for all complexes containing more than twenty dwelling units at the rate of 100 square feet per dwelling unit. Such space may also count towards the unobstructed open space requirement outline in division (E) above. Recreation space shall be designed to reduce any impact of night lighting or noise on nearby dwelling units located on or adjacent to the site. Said areas shall be developed and maintained in a neat and orderly condition in order to provide a safe, healthful, and attractive living environment. Common recreational areas shall be easily accessible by pedestrian walkways so they can be conveniently and safely reached and used. Furthermore, common recreational areas shall be constructed on substantially flat (no more than 5% grade) land which is well drained and otherwise capable of serving the purposes intended. No streets, access easement, right-of-way, parking area, or required buffer shall be used or counted towards the required recreational space.
   (G)   Sidewalks.  Sidewalks shall be required along public streets immediately adjacent to the site in accordance with the City of Monroe Standard specifications and Detail Manual. In addition, sidewalk shall be provided within the site's interior at the front of each building and connecting buildings to on site amenities that are provided for residents.
   (H)   All existing multi-family developments must be brought up to current standards, where practical, before additional land disturbing activity, additions, or new construction may occur on a site.
   (I)   Any renovations which occur within any ten-year period, where the total value of the renovations exceeds 50% of the buildings value on a property, the property shall be required to be brought up to current standards, where practical, before certificate of occupancies many be issued for such renovations.
   (J)   All entrances, exits, and parking areas within duplex or multifamily developments containing more than four dwelling units shall be adequately lighted to ensure the safety of persons and the security of buildings. Proposed lighting shall be shown on the site plan for review.
   (K)   All multi-family developments with 4 or more units shall be required to provide bulk waste containers such as dumpsters or trash compactors. All multi-family developments with 50 or more units shall be required to provide a bulk trash compactor. All developments shall provide recycling service and containers.
   (L)   All dumpsters and other building service areas shall be located where they are concealed from view from the public right of way. All dumpsters shall be concealed with secured gates, landscaping, and solid screening.
   (M)   Conditional district application.  Plans required; In conjunction with an application for a conditional district rezoning, or any land clearing or development permit, building permit, or sign permit, an applicant shall submit to the planning director the completed application, full plans including a site plan, landscaping plan, building design including elevations and architectural details of proposed buildings, exterior materials and colors, and plans and elevations of all signs, all of which shall demonstrate that the proposed design is in compliance with all of the requirements of this section and the underlying zoning classification.
(Ord. O-2004-18, passed 6-1-04; Am. Ord. O-2007-09, passed 2-6-2007)