Criteria for mobile home parks shall be as follows:
   (A)   The area of the mobile home park shall be a minimum of five acres, and the park shall have a minimum of ten mobile home spaces available at first occupancy.
   (B)   The minimum width for each mobile home space shall be 45 feet. The minimum length for each mobile home space shall be 85 feet. The maximum gross density at any mobile park shall be eight mobile homes per acre.
   (C)   Mobile homes shall meet the following minimum yard requirements for each lot:
      (1)   Front yard:  20 feet as measured from the right-of-way line of any interior roadway.
      (2)   Side yard:  10 feet.
      (3)   Rear yard:  15 feet.
      (4)   Accessory structures may be located in the rear and side yards only.  No accessory structure shall be located within ten feet of any lot line.
      (5)   Laundromat facilities may be provided for use by the residents of the mobile home park only.
   (D)   (1)   No mobile home shall have the direct access to a public street.  All mobile home lots shall have direct access to an interior street.  All streets within the mobile home park shall be paved and privately maintained.  All streets must be paved at least 20 feet wide, measured from edge of pavement to edge of pavement, and graded to a width of at least 30 feet for two-way traffic.
      (2)   All interior streets shall be well-lighted with lights spaced at intervals of no more than 100 feet.  The maintenance of such lighting shall be the responsibility of the park owner.
   (E)   (1)   Each mobile home space shall abut a driveway within the park.  The driveway shall be graded and surfaced with no less than four inches of crushed stone or other suitable material on a well compacted sub-base to a continuous width of ten feet.
      (2)   Two parking spaces with not less than four inches of crushed stone or gravel or other suitable materials on a well compacted sub-base shall be provided and maintained for each mobile home space.  The required front yard and all side or rear yards shall not be used for required parking.  Driveways within each mobile home lot shall be considered to meet the minimum parking requirements. Alternative parking arrangements can be made or supplemented with community parking bays.  Each parking space in these bays shall be a minimum of 180 square feet in area.
   (F)   All mobile homes shall have continuous brick, cinder block, wood, concrete block, stucco, stove or other masonry-type underpinning or other underpinning specifically manufactured for mobile home, unpierced except for required ventilation and an access door. Such underpinning shall be installed under all elements of the building. The mobile home tongue shall be removed or screened from the public view.
   (G)   Each mobile home must be placed on a permanent stand and shall be subject to the following specifications: The location of each mobile home stand shall be at such elevation, distance and angle in relation to the parking bay and the adjacent access drive that placement and removal of the mobile home is practical by means of customary moving equipment.
   (H)   All mobile homes shall bear a valid seal indicating conformance with the 1976 National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act and local building code regulations.
   (I)   A densely planted buffer consisting of trees, shrubs, and other plantings at least ten feet in width shall be provided along the rear and side property lines of the mobile home park.  No such buffer shall, however, extend nearer to the public street than the established minimum front yard setback of the adjoining property(ies).
   (J)   The mobile home park must be designed and graded in such a manner as to allow for the adequate runoff of storm water.  Storm drains must be provided with sufficient inlets located at points of surface water accumulation to adequately intersect surface flow.
   (K)   A mobile home park must be equipped with electricity, public water and sewer facilities so that convenient, safe and sanitary connections may be made with each mobile home in the park.
   (L)   Specified recreation areas should be provided to meet the anticipated needs of the residents of the mobile home park.  At least 10% of the total site area must be devoted to recreational uses. Recreation areas include space for community recreation buildings, adult and child play areas.  Such recreation areas shall be located outside all require yard areas.
(Ord. O-2003-63, passed 12-16-03)