(A)   Purpose.  The purpose of Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) is to provide for the orderly development of land with a mix of land uses and intensities. Planned Unit Developments are intended to permit flexibility in the design, construction and processing of residential and nonresidential developments.
   (B)   Applicability.  Planned Unit Developments are permissible only on tracts of at least five contiguous acres and shall require City Council approval of a Conditional Zoning District.
   (C)   Required Development Mix. All PUDs shall adhere to the following maximum percentages of listed land uses:
Land Use
Maximum Percentage
Detached Single-Family Residential
No Limit
Attached Single-Family Residential
Public, Civic and Institutional
Commercial, Office and Retail
   (D)   Planned Unit Development Master Plan.  The proposed Planned Unit Development Master Plan shall indicate the particular portions of the lot that the developer intends to develop for each of the elements described above. In addition, the PUD Master Plan must also illustrate:
      (1)   Neighborhood character and identity; and
      (2)   A mixture of land uses, including commercial and residential.
   (E)   Nonresidential Development Requirements.  The nonresidential portions of any Planned Unit Development may not be occupied until 75% of the residential portions of the development are completed or where the phase is completed within a phased development project. The intent of the provision is to ensure that the Planned Unit Development procedure is not used, intentionally or unintentionally, to create nonresidential uses in areas generally zoned for residential uses except as part of an integrated and well-planned, primarily residential, development.
   (F)   Screening and Buffering. A 50-foot buffer shall be required adjacent to residential zoning and shall not be intruded on by any building, parking area or access drive. Reservation of significant natural features shall be documented in the required permit application materials, along with providing a landscaping plan appropriate to the site, uses and building locations.
   (G)   Common Recreation and Open Space. A minimum of twenty-five percent (25%) of the gross land area in the PUD Master Plan shall be reserved for common recreation area and/or usable open space. A coordinated open space plan showing all proposed amenities and elements shall be submitted.
   (H)   Other Planned Unit Development Standards.
      (1)   A traffic impact study shall be required to be submitted;
      (2)   A coordinated sign plan shall be required to be submitted;
      (3)   Elevations and floor plans are required to be submitted;
      (4)   All Planned Unit Developments with a residential component shall adhere to the general design standards for new single-family residential subdivisions located within the Land Development Plan.
      (5)   Planned Unit Developments shall comply with development standards herein the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).
   (I)   Deviations. Any requested deviation from the standards otherwise applicable in this UDO shall be set forth in the documentation approved as part of the Conditional District Zoning request.
(Am. Ord. O-2013-24, passed 10-15-13)