The floodplain and floodway districts are hereby established as "overlay" districts, meaning that these districts are overlaid upon other districts and the land so encumbered may be used in a manner permitted in the underlying district only if and to the extent such use is also permitted in the applicable overlay district. The floodplain and floodway districts are further described in §§ 156.170 through 156.184 of this chapter. The Flood Insurance Rate Map numbers of properties within the corporate limits and extra territorial jurisdiction of the City of Monroe are as follows:  37179CIND0C, 3710541500J, 3710541600J, 3710541700J, 3710542200J, 3710542400J, 3710542500J, 3710542600J, 3710542700J, 3710542800J, 3710543400J, 3710543500J, 3710543600J, 3710543700J, 3710544200J, 3710544400J, 3710544500J, 3710544600J, 3710545400J, 3710545500J, 3710545600J, 3710545700J, 3710546400J. These maps are also defined in § 156.176 of this ordinance.
(Ord. O-2003-63, passed 12-16-03; Am. Ord. O-2008-32, passed 9-16-08)