(A)   There are hereby established conditional districts as described in this section.
      (1)   Each conditional district shall be identified by a name or title requested by the applicant (i.e. WalMart Conditional District, Union Regional Conditional District).
      (2)   The applicant shall provide a detail of proposed standards for the conditional district being proposed.  The standards include a detailed site plan showing setbacks, uses, architectural design elements, etc.  The proposed details shall meet any guidelines adopted in the Monroe Land Development Plan for uses that are proposed in the conditional district unless specifically modified by the City Council.
      (3)   Details and standards regarding each adopted conditional district shall be shown on or attached to a final plat that is kept on file in the Department of Planning and Development.
      (4)   The following Conditional Districts are established:
         (a)   Approved in 2004:
            1.   407 Sutherland.
            2.   606 Skate Park.
            3.   2447 Old Charlotte.
            4.   Airport Plaza.
            5.   Confederate Street Subdivision.
            6.   English Street.
            7.   Fox Hunt Phase V.
            8.   Fowler Glen.
            9.   Franklin Street Offices.
            10.   Freedom Business Center.
            11.   Hamilton Villas.
            12.   Hilton Meadows Phase II and III.
            13.   Hilltop.
            14.   Monroe Comers.
            15.   Poplin Retail Center.
            16.   Poplin Retail Center: Amendment 1.
            17.   Shiloh Plaza.
            18.   Union Commons.
            19.   Union County Ag Services.
            20.   Walter Bickett.
         (b)   Approved in 2005:
            1.   1717 Williams Road.
            2.   1904 Lancaster Avenue.
            3.   4419 Secrest Shortcut Road.
            4.   Allred Retail Center.
            5.   Cosmos Village.
            6.   Crossroads Plaza.
            7.   Dickerson Boulevard Residential.
            8.   First Citizens Bank.
            9.   Fowler Glen Amendment.
            10.   MAC's Classic Cars.
            11.   The Derby Village.
            12.   The Palms.
            13.   Willow Oaks.
         (c)   Approved in 2006:
            1.   3115 Old Charlotte Highway.
            2.   Auto Zone.
            3.   Broadway Dreams.
            4.   Caffino Drive-Thru Coffee.
            5.   CEENTA.
            6.   Classic Auto Rides.
            7.   CMC Union.
            8.   CMC Union - Amendment 1.
            9.   Collision Concepts and Restoration.
            10.   Drive Time Used Cars.
            11.   Glendalough.
            12.   Iaso Sports Center.
            13.   Mills Office Building.
            14.   Monique Hudson DDS.
            15.   Monroe High School.
            16.   Renaissance Office Complex.
            17.   Shoppes at Rocky River.
            18.   Smith Nursing Center.
            19.   Starnes Concord Highway.
            20.   Sun Oaks.
            21.   The Palms: Amendment 1.
            22.   Union Baptist Association.
         (d)   Approved in 2007:
            1.   Bubba's Inspection Station.
            2.   CMC Union: Amendment 2.
            3.   Hampton Inn Heritage Gardens.
            4.   Hilton Meadow Phase 2: Amendment 1.
            5.   Metal Recycling Services.
            6.   Mills Office Building: Amendment 1.
            7.   Monroe High School: Amendment 1.
            8.   Monroe Marketplace.
            9.   Poplin Ridge.
            10.   RH Properties.
            11.   Shiloh Plaza - Amendment 1.
            12.   South Piedmont Community College.
            13.   Stack Business Center.
            14.   Stratford Subdivision.
            15.   The Park at Monroe.
            16.   The Village at Secrest.
            17.   Tree House Vineyards.
            18.   Union EMS.
            19.   Walgreens.
            20.   Willow Oak: Amendment 1.
            21.   Wolfe School.
            22.   Woodland Creek:  Amendment 1.
         (e)   Approved in 2008:
            1.   All Pro Transmission.
            2.   City of Monroe Water Tower.
            3.   Covenant Waste.
            4.   Excel Personal Development.
            5.   GB Couchell.
            6.   Metal Recycling: Amendment 1.
            7.   Monroe Crossing.
            8.   North Square Six.
            9.   Rushing Office.
            10.   S&S Maintenance.
            11.   Secrest Place.
            12.   Snider Tire.
            13.   Southgate/LKQ.
            14.   Stegall Petroleum.
            15.   The Park at Monroe: Amendment 1.
            16.   Windy Ridge Phase V.
            17.   Woodland Creek: Amendment 2.
         (f)   Approved in 2009:
            1.   Icemorelee Business Center.
            2.   M&P.
            3.   Monroe Corners Amendment 1.
            4.   Monroe Crossing Amendment 1.
            5.   O'Reilly Auto Parts.
            6.   Stack Business Center Amendment 1.
         (g)   Approved in 2020:
            1.   319 E. Windsor Street.
            2.   418 E. Franklin Street.
            3.   1707 Morgan Mill Road.
            4.   2648 Nelda Drive.
            5.   Big Brothers Collision.
            6.   EC Customs.
            7.   Founders Point.
            8.   Ground 40 Farm Dale Street.
            9.   Ground 40 Old Charlotte Highway.
            10.   James River Equipment: Amendment 2.
            11.   Jonhaven Townhomes.
            12.   Scotch Meadows.
            13.   Secrest Landing.
            14.   Stewarts Crossing.
            15.   Waxhaw Landing.
   (B)   Such districts may include, but shall not be limited to, general use districts, in which a variety of uses are permissible in accordance with general standards; overlay districts, in which additional requirements are imposed on certain properties within one or more underlying general or special use districts; and special use districts, in which uses are permitted only upon the issuance of a special use permit and conditional zoning districts, in which site plans and individualized development conditions are imposed.
   (C)   Property may be placed in a conditional district only in response to a petition by the owners of all the property to be included. Specific conditions applicable to these districts may be proposed by the petitioner or the city or its agencies, but only those conditions mutually approved by the city and the petitioner may be incorporated into the zoning regulations or permit requirements. Conditions and site-specific standards imposed in a conditional district shall be limited to those that address the conformance of the development and use of the site to city ordinances and an officially adopted comprehensive or other plan and those that address the impacts reasonably expected to be generated by the development or use of the site.
   (D)   A statement analyzing the reasonableness of the proposed rezoning shall be prepared by the petitioner for each petition for a rezoning to a conditional district, or other small-scale rezoning, (G.S. § 160A-382(a) and (b)).
   (E)   All of the provisions of this part are hereby made applicable to the erection, construction, and use of buildings by the state of North Carolina and its political subdivisions.  No land owned by the state of North Carolina may be included within a conditional use district without approval of the Council of State or its designate, (G.S. § 160A-392).
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