(A)   Before making a decision on an appeal or an application for a variance, special use permit, or a petition from the planning staff to revoke a special use permit, the Board of Adjustment shall hold a hearing on the appeal or application.
   (B)   The hearing shall be open to the public and all persons interested in the outcome of the appeal or application shall be given an opportunity to present evidence and arguments and ask questions of persons who testify.
   (C)   The Board of Adjustment may place reasonable and equitable limitations on the presentation of evidence and arguments and the cross-examination of witnesses so that the matter at issue may be heard and decided without undue delay.
   (D)   The hearing board may continue the hearing until a subsequent meeting and may keep the hearing open to take additional information up to a point a final decision is made. No further notice of a continued hearing need be published unless a period of six weeks or more elapses between hearing dates.
(Ord. O-2003-63, passed 12-16-03)