(A)   The use made of property may not be substantially changed, and substantial clearing, grading, or excavation may not be commenced, and buildings or other substantial structures may not be constructed, erected, moved, or substantially altered except in accordance with and pursuant to one of the following permits:
      (1)   A zoning permit issued by the administrator.
      (2)   A special use permit issued by the Board of Adjustment.
   (B)   Zoning permits, special use permits, and sign permits are issued under this chapter only when a review of the application submitted, including the plans contained therein, indicates that the development will comply with the provisions of this chapter if completed as proposed.  Such plans and applications as are finally approved are incorporated into any permit issued, and all development shall occur strictly in accordance with such approved plans and applications.
   (C)   Physical improvements to land to be subdivided may not be commenced except in accordance with a final plat approval by the Council  for major subdivisions or after final plat approval by the planning director for minor subdivisions (see Part II of this subchapter).
   (D)   A zoning permit, special use permit, or sign permit shall be issued in the name of the applicant (except that applications submitted by an agent shall be issued in the name of the principal), shall identify the property involved and the proposed use, shall incorporate by reference the plans submitted, and shall contain any special conditions or requirements lawfully imposed by the permit-issuing authority.
(Ord. O-2003-63, passed 12-16-03)