(A)   The city may construct, own and maintain regional wet detention ponds consistent with § 155.30(J) of the city Code of Ordinances.
   (B)   The city may charge such fees for the use of said ponds as are authorized by the General Statutes of North Carolina. These fees will be established from time to time by the city upon recommendation of the City Engineer.
   (C)   The City Council will not authorize the acquisition, construction and maintenance of any regional wet detention pond until reviewing a report from the City Engineer pertaining to the feasibility of said project.
   (D)   The Engineer's report shall address the following consideration:
      (1)   The amount of land area to be serviced by said pond.
      (2)   The estimated cost of the facility and the potential for cost recovery through authorized fees.
      (3)   The relative advantages of a regional pond over individual ponds.
      (4)   The estimated cost of maintaining the facility.
      (5)   Any other information that the City Engineer deems appropriate or that might be required by the City Council.
(Ord. O-1996-02, passed 1-16-96)