§ 38.04  STORAGE LOTS.
   (A)   Any action taken by the Chief of Police pursuant to this chapter, including but not limited to, refusal to include a wrecker service on the rotation list pursuant to this chapter, removal or suspension for a period of time a wrecker service from the rotation list, or any other action authorized by this chapter may appeal the action, in writing, to the City Manager within 30 days of mailing the notice of action taken to the wrecker service.  The City Manager shall establish a time and place for a  hearing within ten days of receipt of the appeal and provide the wrecker service with notice of the time and place of the hearing.  Notice of the hearing time and place shall be sent first class mail to the wrecker service.  The City Manager shall conduct the hearing at the time and place established at which time the wrecker service or aggrieved party will be given a opportunity to be heard.  The City Manager shall render a decision, in writing, within ten days of the hearing which shall be final.
   (B)   A wrecker service removed or suspended and subsequently placed back on the rotation list after a hearing by the City Manager, for any reason, shall not be entitled to additional calls, priority listing, or any other form of compensation.
   (C)   Ordinarily a wrecker service shall remain on the rotation list pending appeal and decision of the City Manager, however, a wrecker service may be summarily removed from the rotation list in those cases where there exists reasonable grounds to believe a violation set out in § 38.03(I),(P), and (Y), or any violation relating to the safe and proper operation of the wrecker service or which may jeopardize the public health, safety, or welfare.
(Ord. O-2002-26, passed 5-7-02)