Section 4.9.  Settlement of Claims by City Manager. 
   The Council may adopt an ordinance that delegates to the City Manager the authority, upon consultation and recommendation of the City Attorney, to approve settlements on behalf of the City in all claims or lawsuits of any kind or nature involving the City, including, but not limited to, tort claims, land condemnation, and civil penalties issued by the City, and to execute any and all documents, including releases, necessary for the settlement of such claims or lawsuits, when the monetary amount involved does not exceed an amount set forth by the Council in the ordinance. Settlement of a claim by the City Manager pursuant to this section shall constitute a complete release of the City from any and all damages sustained by the person involved in such settlement in any manner arising out of the incident, occasion, or taking complained of. All such settlements entered into pursuant to this section shall be reported to the City Council in a timely manner and shall be subject to the applicable provisions of the Public Records Law as set forth in Chapter 132 of the General Statutes.
(Sess. L. 2000-35, H.B. 1579, Sess. L. 2004-15, H.B. 1588)