Section 4.8.  Council-Manager Relationship. 
   The Council shall hold the City Manager responsible for the proper management of the affairs of the City and he or she shall keep the Council informed of the conditions and needs of the City and shall make such reports and recommendations as may be requested by the Council or as he or she may deem necessary. The City Manager shall have the authority to appoint and remove all officers, department heads, and employees in the administrative service of the City, except those provided in this Charter to be appointed and removed by the Council. The City Manager shall have direct supervisory authority over the City Clerk, Chief of Police, and Tax Collector in the performance of their respective duties and responsibilities. Neither the Mayor, the City Council, nor any member thereof shall direct the conduct or activities of any City employee, directly or indirectly, except through the City Manager.
(Sess. L. 2000-35, H.B. 1579, Sess. L. 2014-92, H.B. 1218)