§ 32.005  BASIC STUDIES.
   (A)   As background for the plans and ordinances it may prepare, the Planning Board may gather maps  and aerial photographs of physical features of the area; statistics on past trends and present conditions with respect to population, property values, the economic base of the area, and land use, and such other information as is important or likely to be important in determining the amount, direction, and kind of development to be expected in the area and its various parts.
   (B)   In addition, the Planning Board may make, request to be made, or obtain special studies on the location, the condition, and the adequacy of specific facilities, which may include but are not limited to, studies of housing, commercial and industrial facilities, parks, playgrounds, and other recreational facilities, public and private utilities, and traffic transportation, and parking facilities.
   (C)   All City officials shall, upon request, furnish to the Planning Board such available records or information as it may require in its work.
   (D)   The Planning Board shall have power to promote public interest in and an understanding of its recommendations, and to that end it may publish and distribute copies of its recommendations and may employ such other means of publicity and education as it may elect.
('84 Code, § 2-60) (Ord. passed 8-8-79; Am. Ord. O-1999-39, passed 8-3-99)