(A)   Duties.  The legal affairs of the city shall be in the charge of the City Attorney, whose duties shall be provided in this section.
   (B)   Attendance at meetings of City Council. The City Attorney shall attend all meetings of the City Council.
   (C)   Advice to City Council.  The City Attorney shall advise the City Council and various city officials upon legal questions connected with the city's business.
   (D)   Advice to city boards and commissions. The City Attorney shall meet with the various boards and commissions of the city when required by public interest and advise such boards and commissions in the discharge of their duties.
   (E)   Preparation of ordinances.  The City Attorney shall prepare or examine and approve as to form all ordinances presented for the consideration of the City Council.
   (F)   Preparation of bonds and contracts.  The City Attorney shall prepare or examine all bonds, contracts, deeds and other legal instruments to which the city is a party or in which it has any interest.
   (G)   Prosecution and defense of suits.  The City Attorney may prosecute all civil suits and defend all suits against the city, as the City Council may direct.  ('84 Code, §§ 2-37 – 2-43)