§ 31.01  CITY CLERK.
   (A)   Appointment; term.  The City Clerk shall be appointed by the City Council and shall hold office at the pleasure of the City Council.
   (B)   Secretary to city council.  The City Clerk shall be ex-officio secretary to the City Council.
   (C)   Minutes of meetings; preservation of memoranda.  The City Clerk shall read at each meeting of the City Council the minutes of the previous meeting, unless otherwise ordered, and shall preserve the original memoranda thereof for reference in case of need.
   (D)   Signing of deeds, contracts, and the like.  The City Clerk shall sign, with the mayor, all deeds to real property sold by the city, including lots in the city cemeteries, and all contracts, agreements and other obligations issued or authorized by the City Council.
   (E)   Attestation of executions. The City Clerk shall attest all executions issued by authority of the City Council.
   (F)   Issuance of notices.  The City Clerk shall issue all notices, personal and general, which the laws, orders and interest of the city require in administration of its government.
   (G)   Filing of papers, records and documents.  The City Clerk shall have charge of, and be responsible for the preservation of, all papers, records and documents of every description belonging to the city, except his own bond and which shall be held by the Finance Director, and shall arrange and file all such papers in such manner as will facilitate access to them.
   (H)   Removal of papers or documents from custody.  No original paper or document belonging to, or in possession of, the city shall be taken out of the custody of the City Clerk, except to be used as evidence in a trial, without the consent of the City Council, and except as required by law.
   (I)   Additional duties.  The City Clerk shall perform all duties, in addition to those imposed under the provisions of this Code and other ordinances of the city, as may be imposed upon him by proper authority.
('84 Code, §§ 2-28 – 2-36)