(A)   Method of assigning a number. Each structure shall be assigned a structure number based on the number of the appropriate segment of roadway center line. The structure number shall be determined by the line perpendicular to the road center line, which intersects the center line of the driveway leading to the structure. In cases where a structure has a loop driveway or more than one driveway, the structure number shall be assigned to the driveway that best services the main access to the structure. The number of the center line segment at the point of perpendicular intersection shall be the number of the structure.
   (B)   Corner lots. Structures on corner lots shall be assigned a structure number either from the road which intersects the addressable driveway to that structure, or from the road in which the main access or entrance to the structure is oriented. The number will be assigned using the method in subsection (A) above and will be assigned in the manner as determined by the Ordinance Administrator or his or her designee.
   (C)   Road name of address. The road name for an address shall be the name of the road from which the structure is numbered.
   (D)   Requirements for road naming and numbering. If development on a private road exceeds the minimum structure regulation contained in § 9-4.7(D), the road shall be named and numbered and structures readdressed according to the requirements herein.
   (E)   Duplex and multi-family dwellings. One structure number shall be assigned to each structure whose units share a common roof. Each unit within the structure shall be assigned a unit designator. Allowed unit designators include apartment numbers for each apartment and numbers for commercial buildings. The unit designator shall be a number and shall not include alphabetic characters, except as stated in subsection (F) below. This section specifically applies to multi-family dwellings.
   (F)   Assigning of unit designators.
      (1)   Residential unit designators shall be as follows: 
         (a)   Ground-level floor numbers: #101, #102, #103 and the like; and
         (b)   Second floor numbers: #201, #202, #203 and the like.
      (2)   All floor levels are to follow this scheme. Underground floor designators shall follow the same scheme with the exception of having a "U" for a prefix, for example, #U101, #U102 and the like.
      (3)   Unit designators shall be assigned in a logical manner, with increasing unit numbers corresponding to increasing road center line numbering wherever possible.
   (G)   Mobile homes. Manufactured housing or mobile homes shall be assigned individual street addresses according to the requirements herein, whether they are located on individual lots or in developments or parks.
   (H)   Recreational or resort communities. Resort communities or recreational developments that have established dwelling sites (seasonal or other) with electrical power hookups shall be assigned individual street addresses in accordance with the requirements herein.
(2003 Code, § 9-4.8)  (Adopted 9-7-1993)