135.01   Definitions
   135.02   Negligent homicide
   135.03   Vehicular homicide; vehicular manslaughter; vehicular assault
   135.04   Assault; negligent assault
   135.05   Injury to persons by hunters
   135.06   Menacing; aggravated menacing; menacing by stalking
   135.07   Unlawful restraint
   135.08   Reserved
   135.09   Coercion
   135.10   Bigamy
   135.11   Unlawful abortion; failure to perform viability testing
   135.12   Abortion trafficking
   135.13   Nonsupport of dependents
   135.14   Endangering children
   135.15   Interference with custody; interference with support orders
   135.16   Domestic violence
   135.17   Hazing prohibited
   135.18   Contributing to unruliness or delinquency of a child
   135.19   Failure to provide for functionally impaired person
   135.20   Patient abuse or neglect; patient endangerment; exceptions; false statements; retaliation
   135.21   Interference with right of person to engage in housing transactions because of race, religion, or the like
   135.22   Ethnic intimidation
   135.23   Violating a protection order, consent agreement, anti-stalking protection order or order issued by a court of another state
   135.24   Adulteration of food
   135.25   Illegal distribution of cigarettes, other tobacco products, or alternative nicotine products; transaction scans
   135.26   Nonsmoking areas in places of public assembly
   135.27   Spreading contagion
   135.28   Abuse of a corpse
   135.29   Unlawful collection of bodily substances
Statutory reference:
   Extortionate extension of credit, see R.C. §§ 2905.21 through 2905.24
   Failure to send child to school, see R.C. § 3321.38
   Permitting child abuse, felony offense, see R.C. § 2903.15
   Reckless homicide, felony offense, see R.C. § 2903.041
   Rights of victims of crimes, see R.C. Chapter 2930