(A)   Nothing in this chapter should be construed so as to grant any right or interest in any right-of-way or public property other than that explicitly set forth herein or in a right-of-way permit.
   (B)   Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prevent the village from constructing, maintaining, repairing or relocating any village utility, including street lighting, communications or like facilities; grading, paving, maintaining, repairing, relocating or altering any street, public property or right-of-way; or constructing, maintaining, relocating, or repairing any sidewalk or other public work or improvement. To the extent that such work requires temporary or permanent relocation or rearrangement of any facilities or structures of any permittee, such relocating or rearrangement shall be accomplished at the sole cost of the permittee in such time and in such manner as set forth in the regulations.
(Ord. 10-12-05, passed 1-4-11)