(A)   In accordance with the provisions of § 97.06, the Director may propose regulations, as the Director deems appropriate from time to time, to carry out the express purposes and intent of this chapter, including regulations governing the procedures of the Right-of-Way Board. Such proposed regulations shall be filed with the Clerk of Council to be placed on Council’s agenda for action subsequent to the comment period noted below. Each general right-of-way permittee shall be served with a copy of the proposed regulations by regular U.S. mail; provided, however, that any failure of any permittee to actually receive such notice shall not in any way affect the validity or enforceability of such regulation. Any person, including any permittee, may file specific written comments or objection’s on the proposed regulations with the Clerk of Council within a 30-day period after such publication (hereinafter “comment period”).
   (B)   Such regulations shall not materially increase the obligations of any permittee hereunder. In proposing such regulations, including those related to § 97.07, the Director shall, among other appropriate factors, consider the costs of permittee compliance as an important factor in determining the appropriateness of the regulations.
   (C)   The Council shall, by ordinance, adopt, reject or modify any proposed regulations.
(Ord. 10-12-05, passed 1-4-11)