(A)   Whenever a manufacturer sells a controlled substance, and whenever a wholesaler sells a controlled substance in a package the wholesaler has prepared, the manufacturer or wholesaler shall securely affix to each package in which the controlled substance is contained a label showing in legible English the name and address of the vendor and the quantity, kind and form of controlled substance contained therein. No person, except a pharmacist for the purpose of dispensing a controlled substance upon a prescription, shall alter, deface or remove any label so affixed.
   (B)   No person shall alter, deface or remove any label affixed pursuant to R.C. § 3719.08 as long as any of the original contents remain.
(R.C. § 3719.08(A), (E))
   (C)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree. If the offender previously has been convicted of a violation of this section, or R.C. § 3719.07 or 3719.08, or a drug abuse offense, a violation of this section is a felony to be prosecuted under appropriate state law. If the violation involves the sale, offer to sell, or possession of a Schedule I or II controlled substance, with the exception of marihuana, and if the offender, as a result of the violation, is a major drug offender, then R.C. § 3719.99(D) applies.
(R.C. § 3719.99(C)) Penalty, see § 130.99