The following words and terms, wherever they occur in this Title, shall be construed as herein defined.
ALLEY: A right of way which affords secondary means of access to properties abutting upon a street.
BLOCK: A tract of land bounded by streets, or by a combination of streets and public parks, railroad rights of way, or other similar natural boundaries. A block may be located in part beyond the boundary lines of the corporate limits of the Village.
BUILDING OFFICIAL: The Building Officer and Inspector of the Village or his duly authorized representative.
BUILDING SETBACK LINE: A line within a lot or other parcel of land, which denotes the area between such line and the adjacent street right-of-way line where a building and other obstructions are prohibited, except those obstructions that are permitted by zoning ordinance regulations.
COLLECTOR STREET: A street which carries traffic from minor streets to arterial streets, including the principal entrance streets of residential developments and the principal streets for circulation within such a development.
COMPREHENSIVE PLAN: Refers to the composite of the functional and geographic elements of the comprehensive plan of the Village and environs or any segment thereof, in the form of plans, maps, charts, text of reports, implementing ordinances and the official map1. See Section 5-1-1 of this Code.1.
CUL-DE-SAC: A minor street with a single outlet.
EASEMENT: A quantity of land set aside over or under which a liberty, privilege or advantage in land without profit is dedicated and is distinct from ownership of the land or is granted either to the public, a particular person or a combination of both.
FINAL PLAT: A map or plan of a subdivision and any accompanying material as described in Section 5-12-6 hereof.
FRONTAGE ROAD: A minor street which is parallel to and either adjacent to or within the right of way of a thoroughfare.
HALF STREET: A street of less than the total required width along one or more property lines of a subdivision.
LAND IMPROVEMENT: Any sanitary sewerage system, storm sewer system, water supply and distribution systems, roadway, side-strip, sidewalk, pedestrianway, no-access strip, off-street parking area, lot grading or other improvement which the Village may require under this Title.
LOT: A portion of a subdivision or other parcel of land intended for transfer of ownership or for building development.
LOT, BUTT: A lot at the end of a block and located between two (2) corner lots.
LOT, DOUBLE FRONTAGE: A lot which has a pair of opposite lot lines along two (2) substantially parallel streets.
MINOR STREET: A street of limited continuity. Its primary purpose is to serve abutting properties.
NO-ACCESS STRIP: A land area at least twelve feet (12') wide along the rear lot line of a double-frontage lot and abutting a thoroughfare within which no vehicular driveway shall be permitted.
OFFICIAL MAP: The official map of Minooka, Illinois2. See subsection 5-4-2A of this Code.2.
OWNER OR SUBDIVIDER: Includes any person, firm, association, partnership, private corporation, public or quasi-public corporation, or a combination of any of them, or other legal entity having sufficient proprietary interest in the land sought to be subdivided or divided to commence and maintain proceedings under the provisions of this Title.
PEDESTRIANWAY: A right of way across or within a block designated for pedestrian use.
PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION: The Village's Planning and Zoning Commission. References in this Code to "Plan Commission" or "Planning Commission" shall be deemed to mean the Village's Planning and Zoning Commission3. See Title 2, Chapter 1 of this Code.3.
PRELIMINARY PLAT: A tentative map or plan of a proposed subdivision as described in Section 5-12-4 hereof.
ROADWAY: That portion of the street designated for vehicular use.
SIDE-STRIP: The unpaved strip of land within a street right of way and is parallel to the roadway.
SIDEWALK: That portion of the street designated for pedestrian use.
STREET: A right of way which affords primary means of access by pedestrians and vehicles to abutting properties, whether designated as a street, avenue, highway, road, boulevard, easement or however otherwise designated.
STREET WIDTH: The shortest distance between the right of way lines of a given street.
SUBDIVISION: Is: a) a described tract of land which is to be or has been divided into two (2) or more parcels of land; b) any division of land which creates a lot for transfer of ownership and/or building development where a new street is involved; or c) the dedication of streets, ways or other areas for the use of the public. The division of a tract, parcel or lot into parcels or lots all of which resultant parcels or lots exceed five (5) acres and if a new street is not involved, or the division of land for the purpose of transfer of ownership to adjoining property owners and such division does not create an additional lot or lots, provided that a contract for sale requiring conformity with this title may be entered into, shall not be deemed to be a subdivision. A certified plat of survey, when required by the village board, shall be in conformance with applicable provisions of this title and shall be required for the division of land when a new lot is created for the purpose of transfer of ownership and/or building development and a new street is not involved.
   The term "subdivision" includes "resubdivision" and, where it is appropriate to the context, relates to the process of subdividing or to the land subdivided.
SUBDIVISION DESIGN STANDARDS: The basic land planning principles established as guides for the preparation of preliminary plats.
THOROUGHFARE: A street with a high degree of continuity and serving as an arterial trafficway between various districts of the village and its environs.
VILLAGE: The village of Minooka, Illinois.
VILLAGE BOARD: The village board of the village of Minooka, Illinois.
VILLAGE CLERK: The village clerk of the village of Minooka, Illinois.
VILLAGE ENGINEER: A professional engineer, registered in the state of Illinois, who has been duly appointed as the village engineer of the village, or who has been hired by the village as its consulting engineer. (Ord., 5-15-1974; amd. Ord. 1993-12, 8-24-1993)