A.   If in the event the village board of trustees have approved part or all of the improvements required of the developer of a subdivision, and the improvement bond has been released on those approved improvements, a building permit may be issued only if the following requirements are met:
      1.   The building permit applicant shall sign an agreement, that if during construction on that specified lot, the improvements to the subdivision are damaged by construction on that lot, no building occupancy permit will be issued by the building officer and inspector until all damaged improvements are repaired by the owner of the lot or building permit, to the satisfaction of the building officer and inspector.
   B.   In the event unseasonable weather prohibits the installation of sidewalks or other public improvements as may be required by title 5 of this code for the premises immediately adjacent to any premises for which an occupancy permit has been requested, such occupancy permit will not be issued unless the provisions of this subsection have been complied with. The owners of such premises requesting the issuance of an occupancy permit shall execute and deliver to the village the following:
      1.   An agreement executed by all of the owners of the premises for which the occupancy permit is to be issued. The agreement shall be in such form as may be approved by the village attorney, and shall set forth the agreement of the owners to complete the installation of the sidewalks or other public improvements by a date certain following the issuance of the occupancy permit. The agreement shall authorize the village to inspect the sidewalks or public improvements upon completion. In the event of deficiencies, or in the event such sidewalks or public improvements are not completed by the date certain, the village shall be authorized to expend the funds held as bond, described hereafter, to correct any deficiencies or complete the sidewalks and public improvements. The agreement shall further specify that the village officers, employees and its agents shall be authorized to come upon the premises of the owners as may be reasonably necessary to perform any work under the agreement.
      2.   Cash bond in an amount equal to one and one-half (11/2) times the cost of completion of the sidewalks or public improvements to be completed by owner shall be acquired by said owner. The cost shall be as estimated by the village superintendent of public works, or by the village engineer. Such bond shall be held without interest, and shall be returned to the owners upon satisfactory completion of the sidewalks and public improvements as described above. (Ord. 2010-28, 10-26-2010)