(a)    The Zoning Inspector and the Village Administrator shall make an inspection of the demolished premises. He shall give written notice to the owner of record, including any purchasers under a recorded land contract, specifically stating the condition of the demolished area with regard to debris. The written notice shall state that the work of clearing the debris and the filling in of such area shall commence within a period of thirty days and be completed within ninety days leaving the premises in a clean, safe and sanitary condition, such condition being subject to the approval of the Zoning Inspector or the Village Administrator.
   (b)   Proper service of such notice shall be by personal service, residence service or by certified mail, provided, however, that such notice shall be deemed to be properly served, if a copy thereof is sent by certified mail to the last known address. If any of the parties cannot be located, nor can his address be ascertained, this notice shall be deemed to be properly served if a copy thereof is placed in a conspicuous place in or about the structure or area affected by this notice. If such notice is by certified mail, the thirty to ninety-day period within which such owner is required to comply with the order of the Zoning Inspector shall begin as of the date he received such notice.
(Ord. 1972-14.  Passed 2-10-72; Ord. 1976-44.  Passed 4-21-76.)