612.01   Definitions.
612.02   Sales to underage persons; prohibitions and misrepresentations.
612.03   Sales to intoxicated persons.
612.04   Consumption in motor vehicle.
612.05   Permit required.
612.06   Posting age and firearm warning signs.
612.07   Open container prohibited.
612.08   Hours of sale or consumption.
612.09   Conveying intoxicating liquor or cash onto grounds of detention facilities or other specified governmental facilities.
612.10   Sales of low-alcohol beverages to underage persons; prohibitions and misrepresentations.
612.11   Alcohol vaporizing devices prohibited.
   Definitions generally, see § 606.01
   Disorderly conduct while voluntarily intoxicated, see § 648.04
   Driving or physical control while intoxicated, see § 434.01
   Effect of voluntary intoxication on criminal liability, see § 606.07
   Using weapons while intoxicated, see § 678.03
Statutory reference:
   Liquor Control Law, see R.C. Ch. 4301
   Liquor permits, see R.C. Ch. 4303
   Local option, see R.C. § 4303.29   
   Suspension of alcohol sales during emergency, see R.C. § 4301.251