(a)   General. The interior of a structure and equipment therein shall be maintained in good repair, structurally sound and in a sanitary condition. Occupants shall keep that part of the structure which they occupy or control in a clean and sanitary condition. Every owner of a structure containing a rooming house, housekeeping units, a hotel, a dormitory, two or more dwelling units or two or more nonresidential occupancies, shall maintain, in a clean and sanitary condition, the shared or public areas of the structure and exterior property.
   (b)   Unsafe Conditions. The following conditions shall be determined as unsafe and shall be repaired or replaced to comply with the Residential Code of Ohio or Ohio Building Code, whichever applies as well as the codes and provisions adopted therein as required for existing buildings:
      (1)   The nominal strength of any structural member is exceeded by nominal loads, the load effects or the required strength;
      (2)   The anchorage of the floor or roof to walls or columns, and of walls and columns to foundations is not capable of resisting all nominal loads or load effects;
      (3)   Structures or components thereof that have reached their limit state;
      (4)   Structural members are incapable of supporting nominal loads and load effects;
      (5)   Stairs, landings, balconies and all similar walking surfaces, including guards and handrails, are not structurally sound, not properly anchored or are anchored with connections not capable of supporting all nominal loads and resisting all load effects;
      (6)   Foundation systems that are not firmly supported by footings are not plumb and free from open cracks and breaks, are not properly anchored or are not capable of supporting all nominal loads and resisting all load effects;
      (7)   Demolition of unsafe conditions shall be permitted when approved by the Code Enforcement Officer; or
      (8)   Exception: When substantiated otherwise by an approved method.
   (c)   Structural Members. All structural members shall be maintained structurally sound and be capable of supporting the imposed loads.
   (d)   Interior Surfaces. All interior surfaces, including windows and doors, shall be maintained in good, clean and sanitary condition. Peeling, chipping, flaking or abraded paint shall be repaired, removed or covered. Cracked or loose plaster, decayed wood and other defective surface conditions shall be corrected.
   (e)   Stairs and Walking Surfaces. Every stair, ramp, landing, balcony, porch, deck or other walking surface shall be maintained in sound condition and good repair.
   (f)   Handrails and Guards. Every handrail and guard shall be firmly fastened and capable of supporting normally imposed loads and shall be maintained in good condition.
   (g)   Interior Doors. Every interior door shall fit reasonably well within its frame and shall be capable of being opened and closed by being properly and securely attached to jambs, headers or tracks as intended by the manufacturer of the attachment hardware.
   (h)   Window Treatments. Every window opening having interior window treatment shall be maintained in good working order without broken, torn, or disheveled materials. Window treatments of temporary materials, clothing items or bedding are not permitted.
(Ord. 33-2017, passed 12-11-2017)