EDITOR’S NOTE:  A contract for sewer service between the City of Columbus and the village was entered into on December 27, 2007, pursuant to Ordinance 14-2007 of the village. Copies of the latest relevant legislation may be obtained, at cost, from the Fiscal Officer.
1042.01   Usage charges and surcharges.
1042.02   Tap-in fee.
1042.03   Recording and use of surcharge, usage and tap-in fees.
1042.04   Introduction of detrimental or harmful substances.
1042.05   Inclusion of village in county sewer district.
1042.99   Penalty.
   Discharge of stormwaters into sanitary systems, see § 1466.05
Statutory reference:
   Compulsory sewer connections, see R.C. § 729.06
   Interference with sewage flow, see R.C. § 4933.24
   Management and control of sewerage system, see R.C. § 729.50
   Regulations to control house sewers and connections, see R.C. § 729.51
   Sewerage rates, see R.C. §§ 729.49, 729.52
   Untreated sewage, see R.C. § 3701.59
   Water pollution control, see R.C. Ch. 6111