§ 152.307  EXEMPTIONS.
   The following are considered exemptions:
   (A)   Proposed communications antennas may, and are encouraged to, co-locate onto existing approved structures. Provided such co-locations are accomplished in a manner consistent with the terms of this subchapter, then such co-locations may be approved without any new or additional special use or planned unit development approval. Proper plans must be submitted and permits obtained for such co-location facilities as required by this subchapter.
   (B)   Any communications facilities on properties owned by the village are exempt from the terms of this subchapter subject to any conditions set by the President and Board of Trustees of the village.
   (C)   Nothing in the code shall apply to "receive only" communications facilities for use by an individual residential dwelling unit or business, provided such facilities comply with the height requirements of the zoning district in which they are located.
(Ord. 807, passed 10-2-02)