In computing the number of parking spaces required by this chapter, the Zoning Administrator shall apply the following rules:
   (A)   In computing parking space requirements based on the number of employees, the maximum number of employees on the premises at any period of the day shall be used.  EMPLOYEE PARKING means one parking space shall be required per one and one-half employees, unless otherwise stated.
   (B)   In computing parking or loading space requirements on the basis of building floor area, the gross floor area shall be used.
   (C)   Whenever it is necessary to translate gross parking lot area into number of parking spaces, 350 square feet of gross area shall be deemed one parking space.
   (D)   If computation of the number of parking or loading spaces required by this chapter results in a fractional space, any fraction of one-half or more shall be counted as one space.
   (E)   No space or portion thereof needed to satisfy the minimum applicable requirement for number of off-street parking or loading spaces shall be counted as part of the off-street parking or loading spaces required for another structure or use.
(Ord. 491, passed 6-16-86)