(A)   The “R-4” Multiple-Family Residence District is established to stabilize and conserve existing neighborhoods that predominantly consist of multiple-family dwellings and to promote the development of comparable new areas in order to accommodate all persons desiring this type of residential environment.
   (B)   Lot and building requirements.  Every principal building in the “R-4” District shall conform to the requirements indicated below:
NOTE:  Detached single-family and two-family dwellings erected in the “R-4” District shall comply with all applicable regulations of the “R-2” District.
      (1)   Minimum lot area:  10,800 square feet or 2,400 square feet/unit, whichever is greater.
      (2)   Minimum lot width (at established building line):  90 feet or 20 feet/unit, whichever is greater.
      (3)   Minimum lot depth:  120 feet.
      (4)   Minimum setbacks:
         (a)   From front lot lines:  25 feet.
         (b)   From any side lot line: 10 feet.
         (c)   From rear lot line:  25 feet.
      (5)   Maximum building height:  35 feet.
      (6)   Minimum off-street parking:  2 spaces per dwelling unit.
   (C)   Permitted uses. 
      (1)   Any use permitted in the “R-2” District.  (See § 152.071(D))
      (2)   Multiple-family dwellings.
   (C)   Special uses.
      (1)   Any use that may be allowed by special use permit in the “R-2” District.  (See § 152.071(E))
      (2)   Convenience shops (such as, small drugstore, food store, laundromat).
      (3)   Quick shop as defined in § 152.007.
(Ord. 491, passed 6-16-86; Am. Ord. 889, passed 6-7-04)  Penalty, see § 152.999