§ 152.057  PERMITTED USES.
   (A)   Agricultural and farming related uses, including the production of crops and/or livestock; livestock shall not be penned within 200 feet of a residential district.
   (B)   Detached single family residences, including modular homes; one by right plus one for each additional ten acres.
   (C)   Cemeteries/mausoleums.
   (D)   Sale of farm produce.
   (E)   Farm implement dealers; however, not assembly type uses.
   (F)   Nurseries, commercial greenhouses, and related uses.
   (G)   Essential governmental or public utility services.
   (H)   Open air non-commercial recreational uses including parks and playgrounds.
   (I)   Radio and transmission towers provided that such facilities comply with all applicable clear zones as established by FAA.
   (J)   Hunting and fishing and game preserves.
   (K)   Accessory buildings, land uses, and activities customarily associated with any of the above uses.
(Ord. 754, passed 10-18-99; Am. Ord. 949, passed 10-2-06)