Upon the application for and the Village Board granting a special-use permit, a person may occupy a structure in a single-family district that has a zero lot line for one side yard.  The following regulations shall apply to that district:
   (A)   Front yard.  There shall be a front yard of not less than 25 feet in depth.
   (B)   Side yard.  The total of the side yards shall be 15 feet, provided that only one side yard need be provided, so a building is permitted with a 15-foot side yard on one side and with the side of the building on the lot line on the other.  On a corner lot, there shall be a side yard of not less than 25 feet on the side of the building nearest the street.  No part of any building shall project over onto any neighboring lot unless an easement permitting the same has been duly executed and recorded by the owner of the neighboring lot.  Two buildings on neighboring lots may be built touching each other with party walls or adjacent walls, provided that such walls shall comply with all applicable provisions of the village building ordinances relating to walls between condominiums and apartments.  No two buildings shall be built touching each other unless the owners of each of the two lots involved sign an agreement.
   (C)   Lot coverage.  Not more than 35% of any lot shall be occupied by buildings of any kind.
   (D)   Lot area.  Each dwelling hereinafter erected or structurally altered shall be on a lot having an area of not less than 6,000 square feet and a width of not less than 50 feet, however, any lot established before the effective date of this amendment may be used as a building site even though it does not comply with the requirements of this chapter.
   (E)   Accessory buildings.  No accessory building shall encroach on any required front yard.  No accessory building on any corner lot shall encroach on any side yard adjacent to the street.  All accessory buildings greater than 200 square feet will be set upon a concrete foundation.
   (F)   Required floor areas.  Each single-family residence in the single side yard, single family district shall have a floor area of not less than 1,000 square feet.  The areas of garages, open porches, cellars and basements shall not be included.
   (G)   Minimum width.  No principal building shall have a width of less than 20 feet, measured on the exterior walls.  Attached garages and porches shall not be included in measuring the width of the principal building.
(Ord. 491, passed 6-16-86)  Penalty, see § 152.999
   Special-use permit procedure, see § 152.212(A)