(A)   In all districts, property owners of all buildings and places where people live, work or assemble shall provide for the sanitary disposal of all sewage in accordance with the following requirements:
      (1)   Whenever the public sanitary sewerage system is reasonably accessible (that is, when the distance from the property in question to the nearest public sewer with available capacity does not exceed 600 feet, all sewage shall be discharged into such system, whether or not a private sewerage system already exists or is more convenient.
      (2)   Whenever the public sewerage system is not reasonably accessible as determined by the Village Engineer, a private sewerage system shall be installed and used.  All private sewerage systems shall be designed, constructed, operated and maintained in conformity with the following requirements:
         (a)   Illinois Private Sewage Disposal Licensing Act, ILCS Ch. 225, Act 225, §§ 1 through 23, as amended from time to time;
         (b)   Illinois Private Sewage Disposal Code No. 4.002, promulgated by the Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, as amended from time to time;
         (c)   Pertinent, current regulations issued by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency; and
         (d)   Applicable codes and regulations of the village, particularly Chapter 151, Subdivision Code. 
   (B)   The Administrator shall not issue any initial certificate of zoning compliance unless, following consultation with the Village Engineer, he is satisfied that these requirements will be met.
(Ord. 491, passed 6-16-86)  Penalty, see § 152.999
   Sewers and septic tanks, see Ch. 51