(A)   Administration of provisions.  The President of the Board of Trustees shall be the Local Liquor Control Commissioner and shall be charged with the administration of the provisions of this chapter and of the appropriate provisions of the Liquor Control Act [i.e., ILCS Ch. 235, Act 5, §§ 1-1 et seq.] of the state.  The Commissioner may appoint a person or persons to assist him in the exercise of these powers and responsibilities.  The Local Commissioner and his assistants shall receive no compensation for performing these duties but this provision shall not cause the Commissioner or his assistants to be ineligible for compensation for other offices or positions they may occupy.
   (B)   Powers.  The Commissioner shall have the following powers, functions and duties:
      (1)   To grant and revoke for cause all local licenses issued to persons for premises within the village.  Cause shall specifically include but shall not be limited to, a licensee's failure to operate the licensed premises for a period of 60 consecutive days.
      (2)   To enter or to authorize any law enforcing officer to enter at any time upon the premises licensed under this chapter to determine whether any of the provisions of this chapter or of the Liquor Control Act of the state or any of the rules or regulations adopted by the State Commission have been or are being violated, and at such times to examine the premises of the licensee in connection therewith.
      (3)   To receive complaint from any citizen of the village that any provision of this chapter or the Liquor Control Act has been or is being violated and to act upon such complaint in the manner provided by law.
      (4)   To receive or cause to be received all local license fees and pay same forthwith to the Village Treasurer.
      (5)   To examine or cause to be examined under oath any applicant for village license or for renewal thereof or any licensee upon whom notice of revocation has been served, all as provided in the ILCS Ch. 235, Act 5, § 4-5, as amended from time to time.
      (6)   To notify the Secretary of State of violations by nonprofit and foreign corporations.
   (C)   List of licensees.  The Local Commissioner shall keep or cause to be kept a complete record and file of particulars of all licenses issued by him.
('73 Code, § 34.27)