(A)   The driver of any of the following vehicles shall, before crossing a railroad track or tracks at grade, stop that vehicle within 50 feet but not less than 15 feet from the nearest rail, and while so stopped, shall listen and look for the approach of a train or railroad track equipment, and shall not proceed until that movement can be made with safety:
      (1)   Any second division vehicle carrying passengers for hire;
      (2)   Any bus that meets all of the special requirements for school buses in ILCS Ch. 625, Act 12, § 801; ILCS Ch. 625, Act 12, § 803 and ILCS Ch. 625, Act 12, § 805.  The driver of the bus, in addition to complying with all other applicable requirements of this division (A), must also (i) turn off all noise producing accessories, including heater blowers, defroster fans, auxiliary fans, and radios, and (ii) open the service door and driver’s window, before crossing a railroad track or tracks.
      (3)   Any other vehicle which is required by federal or state law to be placarded when carrying as a cargo or part of a cargo “hazardous material” as defined in ILCS Ch. 625, Act 5, § 700-1 et seq. After stopping as required in this section, the driver shall proceed only in a gear not requiring a change of gears during the crossing, and the driver shall not shift gears while crossing the track or tracks.
   (B)   This section shall not apply:
      (1)   At any railroad grade crossing where traffic is controlled by a police officer or flagperson;
      (2)   At any railroad grade crossing controlled by a functioning traffic-control signal transmitting a green indication which under law, permits the vehicle to proceed across the railroad tracks without slowing or stopping, except that division (A) of this section shall apply to any school bus;
      (3)   At any streetcar grade crossing within a business or residence district; or
      (4)   At any abandoned industrial or spur track railroad grade crossing designated as exempt by the Illinois Commerce Commission and marked with an official sign as authorized in the state Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways.
(ILCS Ch. 625, Act 5, § 11-1202)  Penalty, see § 70.99