As used in this chapter:
   (a)   "Snowmobile" means any self-propelled vehicle designed primarily for use on snow or ice, and steered by skis, runners or caterpillar treads. (ORC 4519.01(A))
   (b)   "All purpose vehicle" means any self-propelled vehicle designed primarily for cross-country travel on land and water, or on more than one type of terrain, and steered by wheels or caterpillar treads, or any combination thereof, including vehicles that operate on a cushion of air, vehicles commonly known as all-terrain vehicles, all season vehicles, mini-bikes and trail bikes. “All-purpose vehicle” does not include a utility vehicle as defined in Ohio R.C. 4501.01 or any vehicle principally used in playing golf, any motor vehicle or aircraft required to be registered under Ohio R.C. Chapter 4503 or Chapter 4561, and any vehicle excepted from definition as a motor vehicle by Section 301.20 of this Traffic Code. (ORC 4519.01(B))
   (c)   "Owner" means any person, firm or corporation, other than a lienholder or dealer, having title to a snowmobile, off-highway motorcycle, or all purpose vehicle, or other right to the possession thereof. (ORC 4519.01(C))
   (d)   "Operator" means any person who operates or is in actual physical control of a snowmobile, off-highway motorcycle or all purpose vehicle.
   (e)   "Limited access highway" or "freeway" means a highway especially designed for through traffic and over which abutting property owners have no easement or right of access by reason of the fact that their property abuts upon such highway, and access to which may be allowed only at highway intersections designated by the Ohio Director of Transportation. (ORC 5511.02)
   (f)   "Interstate highway" means any part of the interstate system of highways as defined in subsection (e), 90 Stat. 431 (1976), 23 U.S.C.A. 103, and amendments thereof.
   (g)   “Off-highway motorcycle” means every motorcycle, as defined in Ohio R.C. 4511.01, that is designed to be operated primarily on lands other than a street or highway. (ORC 4519.01)