(a)    A permittee shall not operate a sexually oriented business under the authority of a permit at any place other than the address designated in the application for permit.
   (b)    A permittee shall not transfer his/her permit to another person unless and until such other person satisfies the following requirements:
      (1)    Obtains an amendment to the permit from the City Manager or his/her designee, which provides that he/she is now the permittee, which amendment may be obtained only if he/she has completed and properly filed an application with the City Manager or his/her designee, setting forth the information called for under Section 729.07 in the application; and
      (2)    Pays a transfer fee of twenty percent (20%) of the annual permit fee set by this chapter.
   (c)    No permit may be transferred when the City Manager or his/her designee has notified the permittee that suspension or revocation proceedings have been or will be brought against the permittee.
   (d)    A permittee shall not transfer his permit to another location.
   (e)    Any attempt to transfer a permit either directly or indirectly in violation of this section is hereby declared void and the permit shall be deemed revoked.
(Ord. 96-1695. Passed 4-2-96.)