(a)   The final plat shall be approved or disapproved if all requirements of these Subdivision Regulations have been complied with, within thirty days after the submission thereof to the City Manager.
   (b)   The applicant may waive the thirty day limitation and consent to an extension of such period.
   (c)   If the final plat is determined to be in conformance with the approved preliminary plat by the City Manager, then the final plat shall be deemed to have been approved and a certificate to that effect shall be signed by the City Manager and Chairman of the Planning Commission.
      (1)   Approval of the final plat shall be noted by the signing of the certificate of approval by the Chairman of the Planning Commission and the City Manager on the record plat which shall then be recorded by the applicant with the County Recorder within six months, if not, approval of the plat shall be void.
      (2)   Within five working days of the date of recording, the applicant shall submit to the City a reproducible and two black line prints of the final plat with proof of recording affixed thereto.  Failure to provide the City with the appropriate documentation of recording within the time period specified shall constitute a violation of these Regulations and the applicant shall be subject to penalties as provided in Section 1101.99 .
      (3)   If the final plat is disapproved, the City Manager shall set forth the reasons for disapproval and provide the applicant with written notification of such reasons.
   (d)   The Planning Commission shall have the power to agree with applicant upon use, height, area or bulk requirements or restrictions which are designed to promote the purposes of the Zoning Ordinance.  Such requirements or restrictions shall be stated upon the final plat prior to the approval and recording thereof and shall have the same force of law and be enforceable in the same manner and with the same sanctions and penalties and subject to the same power of amendment or repeal as though set out as a part of the Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map.  Such requirements and restrictions shall be in addition and not in place of provisions set forth in the Zoning Ordinance.  (Ord. 90-1312.  Passed 5-1-90.)