(a)   The preliminary consultation is intended to provide the applicant with an opportunity to resolve problems with respect to a subdivision early in the proceedings and to make necessary modifications and revisions prior to incurring the expense of preparing a preliminary and final plat.
   (b)   The preliminary consultation does not require formal application, fee or filing of a plat.  A preliminary sketch plan containing the following information is all that is required for review:
      (1)   Proposed layout of streets, lots and other elements basic to the proposed use in relationship to site conditions; and
      (2)   Proposed methods for sewage collection, storm drainage, water supply and other utilities.
   (c)   The preliminary sketch plan may be a pencil drawing superimposed upon a print or a topographic survey of the area proposed to be subdivided or may be in any other graphic medium and form containing the above information.  The Planning Commission shall provide comments and recommendations on such information as is provided.
(Ord. 90-1312.  Passed 5-1-90.)