(a)   Unless a contrary intention clearly appears, the following words and phrases shall have, for the purpose of these Subdivision Regulations, the meanings in the following clauses.
   (b)   For the purpose of these Subdivision Regulations, words and terms used herein shall be interpreted as follows:
      (1)   Words used in the present tense include the future;
      (2)   The singular includes the plural, the masculine includes the feminine or neuter gender;
      (3)   The word "person" includes a corporation, firm, institution, partnership, association or any legal entity;
      (4)   The word "lot" includes the word "plot" or "parcel";
      (5)   The word "Commission" and the words "Planning Commission" mean the Milford Planning Commission;
      (6)   The words "plan" and the words "Comprehensive Plan", "Master Plan" and "General Plan" mean the Milford General Plan; and
      (7)   The word "City" means the City of Milford, Ohio.
   (c)   Any word or term not defined herein shall be used with a meaning of standard usage.
(Ord. 90-1312.  Passed 5-1-90.)