(a)   A property owner in the City may install a wooden flagpole in a sidewalk or sodded area, for displaying the American flag only, between the sidewalk and curb along the right of way of any public street or highway adjacent to his property.  A property owner may also install underground lighting for the display of the flag.  Installation of the flagpole and holder shall meet the following specifications:
      (1)   The flagpole holder shall be embedded in concrete, flush with the sidewalk or sodded area, and possess a cap or cover which shall be used when the holder is not used for the purpose of displaying the American flag;
      (2)   The holder shall not exceed two inches in diameter and shall be installed not less than one foot from the curb;
      (3)   Underground lighting for the flagpole shall be situated within a reasonable distance to the holder and meet all Underwriters' requirements governing installation.  The highest part of the lighting fixture shall at all times be flush with the sidewalk or sodded area in which it is embedded;
      (4)   At no time shall the flag, flagpole or holder limit or restrict the view of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, nor shall a flag, flagpole or holder be installed that comes in physical contact, or is likely to come in physical contact, with overhead wiring.
   (b)   The City may require the issuance of a permit for installation of flagpoles but shall not charge the property owner a permit fee or an inspection fee in excess of one dollar ($1.00) per installation.  (ORC 723.012)