(A)   Emergency situations.
      (1)   Each person with facilities in the right-of-way shall immediately notify the city of any event regarding its facilities which it considers to be an emergency. The owner of the facilities may proceed to take whatever actions are necessary to respond to the emergency. Within two business days after the occurrence of the emergency, the owner shall apply for the necessary permits, pay the fees associated therewith and fulfill the rest of the requirements necessary to bring itself into compliance with this chapter for the actions it took in response to the emergency.
      (2)   If the city becomes aware of an emergency regarding facilities, the city will attempt to contact the local representative of each facility owner affected, or potentially affected, by the emergency. In any event, the city may take whatever action it deems necessary to respond to the emergency, the cost of which shall be borne by the person whose facilities occasioned the emergency.
   (B)   Non-emergency situations. Except in an emergency, any person who, without first having obtained the necessary permit, obstructs or excavates a right-of-way must subsequently obtain a permit, and as a penalty pay double the normal fee for the permit, pay double all the other fees required by this code, deposit with the city the fees necessary to correct any damage to the right-of-way and comply with all of the requirements of this chapter.