§ 53.32  COLLECTION.
   For the use of and the service rendered by the sewage works, rates and charges shall be collected from the owners of each and every lot, parcel of real estate or building that is connected with the town's sanitary system or otherwise discharges sanitary sewage, industrial wastes, water or other liquids, either directly or indirectly, into the sanitary sewerage system of the town. The rates and charges include user charges, debt service costs, excessive strength surcharges and other service charges, which rates and charges shall be payable as hereinafter provided and shall be in an amount determinable as follows.
   (A)   Metered water users.
      (1)   The sewage rates and charges shall be based on the quantity of water used on or in the property or premises subject to the rates and charges, as the same is measured by the water meter there in use, plus a base charge, except as herein otherwise provided. For the purpose of billing and collecting the charges for sewage service, the water meters shall be read monthly (or period equaling a month).
      (2)   The water usage schedule on which the amount of the rates and charges shall be determined is as follows.
         (a)   Metered rates per 1,000.
First 3,000 gallons
Next 3,000 gallons
Next 4,000 gallons
Next 10,000 gallons
Over 20,000 gallons
         (b)   Metered user minimum.
         (c)   Reconnection fee. $100.
         (d)   Tap and capacity fees. Tap and capacity fees shall be the greater of $1,500, or the actual cost to the town for one single-family residence. Tap and capacity fees for multi-family, commercial and industrial connections shall be the greater of $2,500, or the actual cost to the town. The town shall include its man hours, plus 30% thereof, for its labor and actual costs for materials, machine hire and non-employee tabor.
         (e)   Non-recurring charges.
Forfeited discounts
10% on the balance due
         (f)   Customer deposit. For new customers and existing customers who are late more than two times in 12 months.)
Sewer deposit
   (B)   Unmetered rates. For users of the sewage works that are unmetered water users or accurate meter readings are not available, the monthly charge shall be determined as an average of single-family dwelling units, except as herein provided. Sewage service bills shall be rendered once each month (or period equaling a month). The rate shall include a base rate as listed above, plus an estimated treatment charge as outlined on the schedule of rates and charges as follows.
      (1)   Residential. $43.00 per month
      (2)   Unmetered non-residential. Single-family dwelling units shall be charged a rate to be determined by the Town Council on an individual basis by applying the above metered rates to estimated usage and meter size.
   (C)   Town subject to same rates. For the service rendered to the town, the town shall be subject to the same rates and charges herein above provided, or to charges and rates established in harmony therewith.
   (D)   Cost of monitoring.
      (1)   In order to recover the cost of monitoring industrial wastes, the town shall charge the user the actual cost of monitoring but not less than $25 per sample.
      (2)   This charge will be reviewed and revised on the same basis as all other rates and charges in this subchapter.
(Ord. 1-14-02-1, passed 1-12-2002; Ord. 7-13-2015-2, passed 9-14-2015)