Any person, firm, limited liability company, corporation or other legal entity (the customer) which receives or desires to purchase potable water from the town's public water system (the system) shall:
   (A)   Pay a tap fee in the amount hereinafter specified to the town prior to obtaining service;
   (B)   Construct a service line from the customer's property to a point on the town's main line designated by the town for connection to the system;
   (C)   Permit the town to install appropriate metering devices on the customer's property at point as the town shall designate;
   (D)   Pay the actual cost of any extension of the town's main line in the event extension of the line is deemed necessary by the town;
   (E)   Furnish, install and maintain a shut-off valve at a point on the customer's property to enable the customer to shutoff service to the customer's property;
   (F)   Grant an easement upon the customer's property for the purposes of reading, testing, installing, repairing or replacing metering devices;
   (G)   Comply with the town's specifications whenever the customer constructs a line which it intends to transfer to the town as a main line extension; and
   (H)   Comply with the rules and regulations adopted by the town from time to time and the laws, rules and regulations of the state governing potable water systems.
(Ord. passed 8- -1998)  Penalty, see § 10.99