(A)   General. All employee policies will be strictly enforced.
   (B)   Purpose of personnel policies. The objective of establishing these policies is to guarantee a high quality of public service through employment and supervision in accordance with carefully considered guidelines. These policies are designed to promote better understanding and working relationship between employer and employee, and to assure fairness of opportunity for each employee to compete for advancement and assure him or her of job security so long as he or she performs his or her duties in a satisfactory manner and in accordance with provisions of these policies.
   (C)   Vacation leave. Full-time employees earn vacation leave at the rate of one week after the first year and two weeks after the second year, and three weeks after ten years. Vacation may be accrued from year to year, however, the total accrual and carry-over shall not exceed the number of vacation days earned in any one year, by any employee (e.g., employee earns two weeks vacation, that employee may carry-over not more than two weeks vacation accrual beyond December 31 of each year). Holidays and non-working days will not be counted in charging vacation leave. Vacations will be with pay.
   (D)   Sick leave. Full-time employees shall earn one day of sick leave for each two months of service. In order to use sick leave, the employee must be sick, injured or under legal quarantine. Sick leave may be accumulated not to exceed 30 days total sick leave. The Town Council may require a physician's certificate stating that the employee has been ill and unable to work.
   (E)   Other types of leave with pay. There are several situations when an employee may be granted leave with pay for special or unusual reasons.
      (1)   He or she may be allowed to leave with pay for a maximum of three days in the case of death in his or her immediate family. Additional requests must be approved by the Town Council only.
      (2)   Under certain conditions, an employee may be granted leave with pay in order to secure appropriate special education or training directly related to his or her job. Educational leaves must be approved by the Town Council. Leaves of absence may be granted for full-time professional training at the discretion of the employer.
      (3)   An employee may be granted leave with pay for jury duty or National Guard Duty. His or her total daily compensation would not exceed his or her normal daily pay. Maternity leaves: staff members should report off duty and return to duty at the discretion of her physician. This leave is without pay and should not exceed three months.
   (F)   Sewage plant hours. 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, one-half hour for lunch.
   (G)   Holiday pay. To receive holiday pay, an employee must work the day before the actual holiday and the day after if the employee is scheduled for any of these days.
   (H)   Duties of employees.
      (1)   Duties may and will include anything within reason, examples such as cutting grass, removal of dead animals, turning meters off and on, fixing breaks either in plant on in lines. Employees will also do the cleaning up of areas where they work; also, painting and general maintenance or anything needed by the town.
      (2)   All utility employees are to be subject to duties from the Town Manager.
   (I)   Suspension and dismissal. The Town Council may suspend or terminate an employee of the town, with or without cause, and without a right to a hearing.
   (J)   Overtime policies. There will be no overtime without the authorization of the Town Manager.
   (K)   Options of the Town Council. The Council will spot check all areas of facilities and areas of concern to the town.
   (L)   Utility Department. The Town Manager has the authority to hire and fire, with the Town Council having final judgment.
   (M)   Evaluation. An employee is evaluated by his or her immediate supervisor. This is reported to the Town Council either orally or in writing.
   (N)   Resignation. To resign in good standing an employee should notify, in writing, the Town Council at least 14 days before he or she intends to leave.
   (O)   Time cards. Time cards should be turned in to the Town Manager for his or her signature and authority. Time cards are due to the Town Manager by 4:00 p.m. on Thursdays.
   (P)   Purchases. All purchases are to be cleared with the Town Manager before purchase is made.
(Ord. 12-13-04-1, passed - -2004; Ord. 12-10-07-1, passed 12-10-2007)