The following requirements shall be met on all sites.
   (A)   Sediment-laden water flowing from the site shall be detained by erosion control measures appropriate to minimize sedimentation.
   (B)   Water shall not be discharged in a manner that causes erosion at or downstream of the point of discharge.
   (C)   All access to building sites that cross a natural watercourse, drainage easement or swale/channel shall have a culvert of appropriate size.
   (D)   Wastes or unused building materials, including, but not limited to, garbage, debris, cleaning wastes, wastewater, toxic materials and hazardous substances, shall not be carried by runoff from a site. All wastes shall be disposed of in a proper manner.
   (E)   Sediment being tracked from a site onto public or private roadways shall be minimized. This can be accomplished initially by a temporary gravel construction entrance, in addition to a well-planned layout of roads, access drives and parking areas.
   (F)   Public or private roadways shall be kept cleared of accumulated sediment. Bulk clearing of sediment shall not include flushing the area with water.
   (G)   All storm drain inlets shall be protected against sedimentation with barriers meeting accepted criteria, standards and specifications.
   (H)   Runoff passing through a site from adjacent areas shall be controlled by diverting it around disturbed areas, where practical. Diverted runoff shall be conveyed in a manner that will not erode the channel and receiving areas. Alternatively, the existing channel may be left undisturbed or improved erosion or sedimentation from occurring.
   (I)   Drainage ways and swales shall be designed and adequately protected so that their final gradients and resultant velocities will not cause channel or outlet scouring.
   (J)   Appropriate sediment control practices shall be installed prior to any land disturbances and thereafter whenever necessary.
   (K)   During the period of construction activity at a site, erosion control measures necessary to meet the requirements of this chapter shall be maintained.
(Ord. 4-8-97-3, passed 4-8-1997)  Penalty, see § 10.99