(A)   The duly appointed and acting Town Marshal may appoint up to a maximum of nine reserve officers to be known as town's reserve police officers.
   (B)   The Town Marshal shall administer and each town reserve officer shall subscribe to an appropriate oath wherein each officer agrees to abide by the laws of the state, the ordinances adopted by the town and all rules and regulations which the Marshal may prescribe from time to time.
   (C)   As a condition of appointment as a town reserve officer, each person shall complete the training and probationary period specified by rules of the Town Police Department.
   (D)   No person appointed as a town reserve police officer may do the following unless the police reserve officer successfully completes a pre-basic course under I.C. 5-2-1-9(f):
      (1)   Make an arrest;
      (2)   Conduct a search or a seizure of a person or property; and/or
      (3)   Carry a firearm.
   (E)   Town reserve police officers may not be members of the regular Police Department, but have all of the same police powers as regular members, except as limited by the rules of the Department.
(Ord. 6-8-98-1, passed - -1998)