ADMINISTRATOR: The official appointed to administer this title, or his duly authorized representative.
ALLEY: A public right of way which affords a secondary means of vehicular access to the side or rear of premises that fronts on a nearby street.
AMENDMENT: A change in the provisions of this title properly effected in accordance with state law and the procedures set forth herein.
AREA, GROSS: The entire area within the lot lines of the property proposed for subdivision/development, including any areas to be dedicated/reserved for street and alley rights of way and for public uses.
BLOCK: An area of land entirely bounded by streets, highways, barriers, or ways (except alleys, pedestrianways, or exterior boundaries of a subdivision unless the exterior boundary is a street, highway, or way) or bounded by a combination of streets, public parks, cemeteries, railroad rights of way, waterways, or corporate boundary lines.
CENTERLINE OFFSET: The distance between the centerlines of two (2) roughly parallel streets, measured along the third street with which both said "parallel" streets intersect.
COLLECTOR STREET: A street used primarily to collect limited amounts of residential traffic and for access to abutting properties, and on which the speed limit is low and traffic volume is minimal.
COMPREHENSIVE PLAN: The plan or any portion thereof adopted by the village board to guide and coordinate the physical and economic development of the village of Milan. The comprehensive plan includes, but is not limited to, plans and programs regarding the location, character, and extent of highways, bridges, public buildings or uses, utilities, schools, residential, commercial or industrial land, uses, parks, drainage facilities, etc.
CROSS SLOPE: The degree of inclination measured across a right of way rather than in the direction traffic moves on said right of way.
CUL-DE-SAC: A street having only one outlet for vehicular traffic and having the other end permanently terminated by a turnaround for vehicles; the term may also be used to refer solely to said turnaround.
CURB AND GUTTER, INTEGRAL: The rim forming the edge of a street, plus the channel for leading off surface water, constructed of poured concrete as a single facility.
DEDICATE: To transfer the ownership of a right of way, parcel of land, or improvement to the village of Milan or other public entity without compensation.
DEVELOP: To erect any structure, or to install any improvements on a tract of land, or to undertake any activity (such as grading) in preparation therefor.
DISTRICT, ZONING: A portion of the territory of the village of Milan wherein certain uniform requirements or various combinations thereof apply to structures, lots, and uses under the terms of the zoning ordinance.
EASEMENT: A right to use a portion of another person's real property for certain limited purposes.
EROSION: The wearing away of the land surface by the action of wind, water or gravity.
ESCROW DEPOSIT: A deposit in cash or other approved securities to assure the completion of improvements within a subdivision.
FRONTAGE: The boundary of a lot along a public street.
FRONTAGE ROAD: A minor street fronting on an arterial street or highway (usually a limited access highway), used for access to abutting lots.
GRADE: The degree of inclination of the site or right of way, expressed as a percentage. Synonym for "slope".
IMPROVEMENT PLANS: The engineering plans showing types of materials and construction details for the structures and facilities to be installed in, or in conjunction with, a subdivision.
IMPROVEMENTS: Any street, curb and gutter, sidewalk, drainage ditch, sewer, catch basin, newly planted tree, off street parking area, or other facility necessary for the general use of property owners in a subdivision.
INTERSECTION: The point at which two (2) or more public rights of way (generally streets) meet.
LOCAL STREET: A street serving limited amounts of residential traffic and used for access to abutting property.
LOT: A tract of land intended as a unit for the purpose (whether immediate or future) of development or transfer of ownership. A "lot" may or may not coincide with a "lot of record".
LOT AREA: The area of a horizontal plane bounded by the front, side, and rear lines of a lot.
LOT, CORNER: A lot having at least two (2) adjacent sides that abut for their full length upon streets.
LOT OF RECORD: An area of land designated as a lot on a plat of subdivision, recorded with the recorder of deeds of Rock Island County, Illinois, in accordance with state law.
LOT, THROUGH: A lot having a pair of approximately parallel lot lines that abut two (2) approximately parallel streets. Both such lot lines shall be deemed front lot lines.
MAINTENANCE BOND: A surety bond, posted by the developer and approved by the village of Milan, guaranteeing the satisfactory condition of installed improvements for the one year period following their dedication.
MARGINAL ACCESS STREET: A local dead end street providing access to ten (10) or fewer dwelling units.
MINOR ARTERIAL STREET: A street which carries or is proposed to carry intermediate volumes of traffic from local streets to arterial streets and which may or may not be continuous.
OFFICIAL MAP: The official map may show indication of sites for planned public facilities. Public facility sites which may be indicated on the official map may include, but are not limited to: sites for new trafficways or widening of existing trafficways; school sites, public building sites; and sites for future storm drainage, electrical or other public service or utility easements.
PERFORMANCE BOND: A surety bond posted by the developer and approved by the village of Milan guaranteeing the installation of required improvements within, or in conjunction with, a subdivision.
PLAT, DEDICATION: A plat required for the dedication to the village of all right of way easements and public improvements outside of a subdivision plat or within a special use classification.
PLAT, FINAL: The subdivider's plan and supporting documentation of the subdivision which, if approved, may be filed with the Rock Island County recorder of deeds.
PLAT, PRELIMINARY: Preliminary engineering maps, drawings, and supportive material indicating the proposed layout of a subdivision.
PREFILING CONFERENCE: A conference held between the developer and appropriate village staff prior to submission of a preliminary or final plat.
PRINCIPAL ARTERIAL STREET: A street designed or utilized primarily for high vehicular speeds or for heavy volumes of traffic on a continuous route with intersections at grade, and on which traffic control devices are used to expedite the safe movement of through traffic.
RESERVE: To set aside a parcel of land in anticipation of its acquisition by the village of Milan (or other government entity) for public purposes.
RIGHT OF WAY, PUBLIC: A strip of land which the owner/subdivider has dedicated to the village of Milan or other unit of government for streets, alleys, and other public improvements.
SEDIMENT: Solid material, both mineral and organic, that is in suspension, is being transported, or has been moved from its site of origin by air, water, or gravity as a product of erosion.
SETBACK, FRONT: The horizontal distance between the street right of way line and the building line. Minimum setback requirements are set forth in the zoning ordinance.
SEWERAGE SYSTEM, PRIVATE: A sewer system including collection and treatment facilities established by the developer to serve a new subdivision in an outlying area.
SIDEWALK: A pedestrianway constructed in compliance with the standards of this title.
SOIL: All unconsolidated mineral and organic material of whatever origin that overlies bedrock which can be readily excavated.
STOP ORDER: An order used by the administrator to halt work in progress that is in violation of this title.
STREET: A public or private way for motor vehicle travel. The term "street" includes a highway, thoroughfare, parkway, throughway, road, pike, avenue, boulevard, lane, place, drive, court and similar designations, but excludes an alley or way for pedestrian use only.
STRUCTURE: Anything constructed or erected on the ground or attached to something having a fixed location on the ground. All buildings are structures but not all structures are buildings.
STUB STREET: A street that is temporarily terminated but that is planned for future continuation.
SUBDIVIDER: Any person, firm, partnership, association, corporation, estate or other group or combination acting as a unit, dividing or proposing to divide land in a manner that constitutes a "subdivision" as defined in this section.
SUBDIVISION: Any division of land into two (2) or more lots, any of which is less than five (5) acres, or any transfer involving an easement of ingress or egress, except as set forth in the plat act, 765 Illinois Compiled Statutes 205/1.
SUBDIVISION, MINOR: A division of land into two (2) but not more than five (5) lots, all of which front upon an existing street, and not involving any new streets, other rights of way, easements, improvements, or other provisions for public areas and facilities.
TOPOGRAPHY: The relief features or surface configuration of an area of land.
UTILITY: A business or service which is engaged in regularly supplying the public with some commodity or service which is of consequence and need and which has a duty to serve, without discrimination, all within its service area. A utility can be publicly or privately owned and includes, without limitation, the following services or commodities:
   A.   Electricity.
   B.   Gas, oil, or steam.
   C.   Water.
   D.   Sanitary sewerage.
   E.   Storm sewerage.
   F.   Telephone or telegraph.
   G.   Cable television and other communication lines.
   H.   Transportation lines, such as fixed rail, but only if expressly stated.
VACATE: To terminate the legal existence of a right of way or subdivision, or portion thereof, and to so note on the final plat recorded with the Rock Island County recorder of deeds 1 .
VARIANCE, SUBDIVISION: A relaxation in the strict application of the design and improvement standards set forth in this title. (Ord. 1334, 4-18-2005)



1. 765 ILCS 205/6 – 205/8.