For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply:
BACKFLOW: Water of questionable quality, wastes or other contaminants entering a public water supply system due to a reversal of flow. "Back siphonage" is one type of "backflow".
CROSS CONNECTION: A connection or arrangement of piping or appurtenances by which a backflow could occur.
SAFE AIR GAP: The minimum distance of a water inlet or opening above the maximum high water level or overflow rim in a fixture, device or container to which public water is furnished, which safe air gap shall be at least two (2) times the inside diameter of the water inlet.
SECONDARY WATER SUPPLY: A water supply system maintained in addition to a public water supply, including, but not limited to, water systems from ground or surface sources or water from a public water supply which in any way has been treated, processed or exposed to any possible contaminant or stored in other than an approved storage facility.
SUBMERGED INLET: A water pipe or extension thereto from a public water supply terminating in a tank, vessel, fixture or appliance which may contain water of questionable quality, waste or other contaminant and which is unprotected against backflow.
WATER UTILITY: The village water department. (Ord. 955, 6-20-1988)