§ 36.09 TAX RETURNS.
   (A)   At the time of each payment, each operator shall submit therewith a written return, furnished by the city, containing the following information for each reporting period:
      (1)   The reporting period, with beginning and ending dates.
      (2)   The itemized amount, if any, of lodging income that was not paid due to dishonored checks, credit card disputes, etc.
      (3)   The total amount of exemptions, if any, with supporting documentation.
      (4)   The total amount of lodging income actually received.
      (5)   The amount of tax collected.
      (6)   Any adjustments resulting from the curing or correction of items previously reported under division (A)(2) above.
   (B)   Operators shall retain their returns for a period of three years after their due date.
(Ord. 428, passed 8-17-17)